What is CarniCon?

CarniCon is an annual, international, Business-to-Business (B2B) Carnival Convention.

It is a gathering of all players within the Carnival industry which will be hosted in Trinidad & Tobago when it is safe for us to all be together again, physically.

Until then, CarniCon presents CarniConversations – a virtual meeting of industry players where we discuss the future of Carnivals across the globe.

Why CarniCon?

 The Carnival industry, in its many forms, is hosted in countries around the world. It generates billions of dollars in economic activity each year, but as a result of the fragmented nature of the industry, it has functioned with little co-ordination or interaction between its global practitioners.

CarniCon is a Carnival Convention; an international, annual, B2B gathering of all players within the global Carnival industry, hosted by the home of Carnival, Trinidad & Tobago.

CarniCon was launched in Trinidad & Tobago in November 2019. The inaugural convention was scheduled to take place in 2020, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has halted plans to make an in-person global Convention a reality. But, all is not lost! An opportunity has emerged for the Carnival community to ‘meet’ and discuss the future of Carnival, virtually.

In steps CarniConversations.

Why CarniConversations?

Carnivals around the world have faced seemingly insurmountable challenges, many being postponed or cancelled. As the year 2021 takes flight, the future of Carnival in its varying original formats is uncertain.

CarniConversations presents an opportunity for industry leaders, worldwide to meet virtually, from the comfort of their home countries, to re-think and re-imagine the future of Carnival, and thus, determine its evolution.

The 3-day virtual event will feature thought-leaders and Carnival practitioners from across the globe, allowing Governments and practitioners alike, a virtual space to exchange best practices and recommendations for the future, as all festivals adapt globally to the new normal.

All are invited!

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